Hi 👋, I'm

Princewill Onyenanu.

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About Me


I'm Princewill Onyenanu, a Software developer, focusing on building back-end infrastructure for web services, with over 3 years of experience.

While not working, I enjoy learning and building stuff like Pycompress and contributing to open source tools like Pymessenger.

Pet Projects


Pycompress is a simple tool for losslessly compressing images without significant quality loss. This is ideal for compressing images to be used on the web. it's available as a desktop app for Wndows and Linux(Debian).

Tools: Python


Qcredible helps users uniquely sign and identify their text contents and also provides their readers a way to independently verify them.

Tools: HTML, Bootstrap, Vue, Flask


Rumifinder is a messenger bot that helps local college students find compatible roommates by answering a few questions.

Tools: Flask


A fun tool that generates clones of college documents for students of my college.

Tools: HTML, CSS(Bootstrap), Javascript, Flask


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